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Here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently from Clients and Candidates.......



Do you take a fee from the salary I am offered?

  • No, the cost is recruitment is incurred by the hiring company, so your salary is 100% yours.


I applied for a role, but no one has called me yet, why?

  • Unfortunately, we receive a high volume of applications and cannot provide feedback for every application. If your background matches the brief the client has given us, we will call you for an initial screening.


Will I receive feedback after the interview?

  • Yes, we like to provide as much detailed feedback as we can from the client. Appreciate not enough agencies do this and its as important to us as it is you.


What is the interview process?

  • If your background matches the brief the client has given us, we will call you for an initial screening conversation. Based on this going well and it being a good match we will give you all the client details and confirm that you are happy for us to put you forward.


Why do we have a conversation before putting my details forward for a position? Can’t you just submit my details?

  • We don’t work with hundreds of clients and those we choose to work with, we work with very closely. Soft skills and cultural fit are important to our clients and we want to make sure that those match the client’s brief but also that the opportunity matches what you are looking for. We don’t want to waste your time or the client’s time.


Can you just send me the job spec?  

  • No, we obtain a lot of information from the client that isn’t necessarily on the job spec and we want to share that information with you. We also want to make sure that the role is right for you and that you match the client’s brief. A word doc doesn’t tell the full story.


What clients do you work with?

  • We work with clients built on technology so SME’s to FTSE500 global companies. These will range from Software as a Service to FinTech to Payments to Consultancy to Professional Services. 


Where do you find your candidates?

  • For each position we do a dedicated candidate targeting campaign for each individual position. We use LinkedIn headhunting, LinkedIn adverts, job boards, referrals, social media and our network to source candidates built over decades. Most of placements are candidates that were not proactively ‘on the market’.


Do you offer a rebate period?

  • Yes. Depending on the fee associated with the placements this can vary. But we back our candidates so always offer a substantial rebate length.


Are you cheap?

  • No, but we aren’t the most expensive. We charge a fair rate best on our experience and success in your markets. Pay cheap, Pay twice.


Why should we choose you?

  • Please check out our Why Us page.


How do you qualify the candidates?

  • Once we understand your brief, we will approach candidates who could be right. This involves taking your position to prospective candidates and presenting the opportunity. We then have a detailed telephone conversation to ensure they match your brief and you match what they are looking for.


Do you do pre-employment checks?

  • No, we will ask candidates about their right to work and are able to provide references, but it will be up to you as to completing the necessary checks. However, in certain cases we are happy to obtain these for you.


Do you focus on Diversity and Inclusion?

  • Yes, we always strive to create diverse and inclusive shortlists however as you can imagine this will be swayed by what the market presents. We can provide data and statistics to show who we have approached. We aim to find ‘the best candidate’ for the position.


What locations do you cover?

  • We have a network across the UK and have clients / candidates in all regions.


What roles do you cover?

  • We will be honest as to whether we can help fill your vacancy or not. We have experience filling roles from Account Managers or Sales Development Representatives to Sales Directors or Head of Sales. We also have a network in support areas such as Marketing and IT Technical.

Let's Work Together

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